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Viele Produkte – Look At The Birdie

[TRANSMISSION028] Viele Produkte – Look At The Birdie


Viele Produkte – Gris

[TRANSMISSION020] Viele Produkte – Gris

Gris is the third album from Michael Aranda aka Viele Produkte. Being recorded in 2011 it’s the second album in VP‘s classically inspired drone series.

Part 1

Viele Produkte – Geist​-​Mechaniker

[TRANSMISSION016] Viele Produkte – Geist​-​Mechaniker

Viele Produkte is the eclectic musical entity of Michael Aranda from Austin, Texas. Ranging from noise and dark ambient, drone, faux-classical to techno, house, and pop. Overall, VP is a celebration of all electronic music from Luigi Russolo to Afrika Bambaataa to Aphex Twin.

‘Geist-Mechaniker’ is the second VP album, recorded May-June 2011. The idea was to explore the sounds of heavy industry while imagining the factory as a conscious creation with a kind of spiritual sentience. It’s also sought to pay homage to the composer Karlheinz Stockhausen (hence the closing piece, ‘Stimmung’).

Various Artists – Transmission X

[TRANSMISSION010] Various Artists – Transmission X

#10! I’m glad that this happened. A big thanks to all the participants. Somewhere between ambient and noise, analogue and digital.