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Viele Produkte – Geist​-​Mechaniker

[TRANSMISSION016] Viele Produkte – Geist​-​Mechaniker

Viele Produkte is the eclectic musical entity of Michael Aranda from Austin, Texas. Ranging from noise and dark ambient, drone, faux-classical to techno, house, and pop. Overall, VP is a celebration of all electronic music from Luigi Russolo to Afrika Bambaataa to Aphex Twin.

‘Geist-Mechaniker’ is the second VP album, recorded May-June 2011. The idea was to explore the sounds of heavy industry while imagining the factory as a conscious creation with a kind of spiritual sentience. It’s also sought to pay homage to the composer Karlheinz Stockhausen (hence the closing piece, ‘Stimmung’).


Mammalian Degeneration – Hunger Enfleshed

[TRANSMISSION015] Mammalian Degeneration – Hunger Enfleshed

Mammalian Degeneration is a noisegrind project of Samathaluset Aoskeroth from Collude Noise Cult.

Wepwawet – The Book Of The Netherworld

[TRANSMISSION014] Wepwawet – The Book Of The Netherworld

Wepwawet is a drone, dark ambient project with industrial influences from Talsi, Latvia.

45:K0 – Unohdus

[TRANSMISSION013] 45:K0 – Unohdus

Forgotten folktales from post-apocalyptic Scandinavia.

Teaser trailer for the short film Trans* feat. 8 tracks from Unohdus:

Electromagnetic Broadcast: Phase 1


0000-0400: DJudas – Something Tremendous
0400-0840: Katarrhaktes – Cracking The Egg
0840-1210: Sekult – Requiem of the Dead
1210-1500: miR-941 – Hexobarbital
1500-2035: Cal Lyall – Manitou Overtones
2035-2230: Infernal Wrath – The Fallen
2230-2620: Koppgneis – Amorphon
2620-2856: Smile & Dance – Śyāma
2856-3320: D’bach – Nihilistic Trance
3320-3500: Soullesshelveticaoblivion – Mall Hall Groove
3500-3720: Cebec – Untitled 02
3720-4210: Lulu Rosenkrantz – Sinn und Ton
4210-4840: Asteroid Anxiety – Nessus XIV
4840-5403: Somber Dawn – Funeral March For The Great Army

Affaskunem – Sargossa

[TRANSMISSION012] Affaskunem – Sargossa

Affaskunem: Morning star, rising from the abyss. A project, that was created to express the depth of every moment and every little peace of this great and glorious world.

Waving, surrounding, deep ambient of an ancient story from the other side of the Universe. Sargossa – a world of abandoned thoughts and ruined feelings.

Erzs-bet – Y2062

[TRANSMISSION011] Erzs-bet – Y2062

Erzs-bet is the experimental music project of Reuben Petrovski who currently lives in Adelaide, Australia. Much of his current body of work is drone based and works to create spaces based on themes rather than convey a narrative. He looks forward to continuing with his drone work but has also acquired an interest in other areas of music, most of which is experimental.
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