Viele Produkte – Look At The Birdie

[TRANSMISSION028] Viele Produkte – Look At The Birdie


stəˈkæs.tɪk ˈmjuː·zɪk – Towards the Singularity

[TRANSMISSION027] stəˈkæs.tɪk ˈmjuː·zɪk – Towards the Singularity

Stochastic Music from Rome, Italy.

Deleno Na Nula – Physical Therapy Vol. 1

[TRANSMISSION026] Deleno Na Nula – Physical Therapy Vol. 1

Deleno Na Nula is a dark ambient, drone project from Bulgaria.

f l o d – Eulogia II

[TRANSMISSION025] f l o d – Eulogia II

f l o d – Eulogia

[TRANSMISSION024] f l o d – Eulogia

f l o d is an experimental ambient music project from Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Psychic Hybrid – Following the Hidden Path

[TRANSMISSION023] Psychic Hybrid – Following the Hidden Path

Psychic Hybrid has been producing noises since the turn of the current century, and recently began sharing these noises online in December 2013. His early influences include Eddie Jobson, Robert Rich, Steve Roach, Brian Eno, Kitaro and Andreas Vollenweider; although very little of his sounds produced so far will resemble any of the sounds of these artists.

Psychic Hybrid is inspired by earth-nature, cosmology, space travel, particle physics, star gazing, divination, paranormal phenomena, radionics, acoustics, aeroacoustics, bioacoustics, psychoacoustics, parapsychology, dream psychology and thanatology.

When finding solace in the vast forests of British Columbia, where he resides, he refreshes his inner palette using the sounds and textures of the environments there.

The sounds and noises he produces are usually shrouded in darkness. There is a constant struggle with this darkness, which can yield a deeper understanding of the negative aspects of the powers of nature. Nature is beautiful and awe-inspiring, yes. But this beauty is also accompanied by repulsive elements, suffering and ugliness. A familiar, classic paradox.

In this project, “Following the Hidden Path”, we can explore the unforgiving shadows of the psyche, and perhaps learn new and alternate ways of understanding this paradoxical balance.

Psychic Hybrid can be found at: Soundcloud Bandcamp Twitter

Winter Hill Death Cult – Dreams Of Things Unknown To Those Awake

[TRANSMISSION022] Winter Hill Death Cult – Dreams Of Things Unknown To Those Awake

Recorded at The Temple, July-August 2014. Bass, samples and production by Winter Hill Death Cult.